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One of the most memorable evenings in South African games history came when Louis Oosthuizen won the Open Championships on Sunday at the St. Andrews arena.

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However, the festival was positively a bit unique.

We as a whole recall the attack of vuvuzelas at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa however this time they were supplanted by the seething bagpipes. It was certainly a groundbreaking night for the South African golf player.

Ten years prior, Tiger Woods came here and brushed us off and that was the force of Oosthuizen’s exhibition this year. He drove the field for in excess of 48 openings and he dominated the match before seven shots.

After the success he said that triumphant the Open Championships is unique and he added that triumphant at St. Andrews was all that he imagined about.

It appears to be that South Africa is having the best time of all time. The day was extremely unique for South Africa is an alternate way as it was Mandela’s 92nd birthday. What’s more, just seven days prior, they finished the renowned Football world cup.

Oosthuizen said that it is truly unique. He said that when he strolled to the eighteenth opening, he was contemplating Mandela’s birthday.

However, at the eighteenth opening the greater part of the intense work was done and over. His presentation was extremely dominative and he submitted just two intruder in very nearly 35 openings. He wrapped up with a triumph over Lee Westwood who was never truly in the game.

Yet, Oosthuizen’s genuine test came in type of Paul Casey who drove near only three shots by the eighth opening. However, Oosthuizen addressed him emphatically and hit a huge falcon shot to place himself steering the ship.

After three openings, Casey lost his game as he made a triple intruder. Be that as it may, Oosthuizen put in a birdie which guaranteed he stayed away from the rest.

Oosthuizen completed his game with a 16-under 272 and won his first major at St. Andrews. He turned out to be just the second player since Tony Lema to do as such.

Similarly as Tony Lema, Oosthuizen requested a jug of champagne for the press individuals.

The facts confirm that everybody battled to spell his name yet the only thing that is important was the etching which said his name in the prize.

This is the fifth triumph of his profession and with it he moves to the fifteenth spot on the planet rankings. As a proof to the general allure of Fox News this is the second time that each of the four majors are won by players from four unique mainlands.