How To Get A Chinese Visa in Hong Kong

It became obvious as of late that a couple of explorers have had issues and issues getting visas for China. Everybody needs to visit the world’s most populated nation so I’m here with my most recent visa guidance for China!! I’m making a beeline for China again soon for my sixth visit and I need to clarify a simple and basic way for you voyagers to get your China Visa – it’s simple! All you need to do is… get yourself to HONG KONG!

As far as characterizing a nation, taking everything dependent visa hong kong into account Hong Kong is one. It has its own cash, banner, visa guidelines and public football crew. It was likewise British for some time, and that finished back in 1997. Nowadays, loads of ethnicities can get to Hong Kong without a Visa. You will get a stamp on landing in the air terminal. On the off chance that you show up on a UK identification you can remain for 180 days no issue! A great deal of ethnicities additionally get a multi day passage stamp Рcheck with your government office.

Hong Kong borders China, and there are around 5-6 diverse boundary section focuses. I have gone through 4 of them over the most recent a year. However, before you arrive you will require a substantial China Visa, except if you are Chinese or an identity that doesn’t need one (potentially Cuba or other ‘Socialist’ nations – check with your consulate).

There are in a real sense many places in Hong Kong to get a China Visa and as should be obvious, being in Hong Kong is by a wide margin and away the simplest and most ideal approach to get your visa for China, outside your nation of origin, which as worldwide migrants we are hardly in.

So in Hong Kong… on the off chance that you stroll around Tsim Sha Tsui (especially close the famous Chung King Mansions on Nathan Road) individuals will simply yell “China visa” at you and surely they will figure you out effectively with a China Visa yet doubtlessly they will charge for the assistance and get you a solitary passage visa as it were. These folks that wander the roads of TST selling visas and so forth are acceptable on the off chance that you need one rapidly – ensure everything is substantial when you’re with them – office, legitimate structures and so on (the structure on the photograph underneath is the first page of the current genuine China Visa Application). Be that as it may, you’re smarter to discover an office yourself, read on…

Nowadays, I get twofold or numerous section visas for China. In any case, my first historically speaking China Visa was a solitary section, so do that first off except if you are arranging two excursions. So where would it be a good idea for me to complete the Visa? Well as I referenced there are endless offices that destroy them Hong Kong (and despite the fact that it very well may be less expensive to go to the Embassy – DON’T). Utilize an organization. You’ll get your Visa effectively, no issue, on schedule and can gather even get-togethers shutting hours. They will even assistance you fill in the structure and in the event that you don’t have the things you need they will listen for a minute to do. These organizations regularly open the entire day Saturday, work day evenings and some even a half or part day Sunday. Indeed, I realize offices charge a smidgen more and I’m a spending explorer however I likewise accept that “time is cash” and these offices are quick and supportive so they save you time. An office I have utilized as of late is and suggest is: China Travel Service (Hong Kong)

I suggest it – they have a great deal of branches yet trust me simply turn up in Tsim Sha Tsui or Mong Kok and meander round the roads and you will see a spot doing China Visas.

The connection above contains all the data you will require, however I’ll abbreviate it for you here to make it simple, these are the things you need:

1. A substantial identification with over a half year and 2 void pages left in it

2. One visa photograph

3. A finished Application Form, the central issues are:

– They will request entrance point – consistently put Shenzhen as that way they realize you are crossing the line by walking – which you will do in the event that you go HK – China. I’ve generally put Shenzhen. A huge number of sightseers and business explorers pass the Hong Kong to Shenzhen line each day.