How To Store Your Li-Po Battery For A Long Time Without Shortening Its Life

Of all the advancement that prepared to the ascent of electric RC flying, battery innovation assumes quite possibly of the greatest part. Today, current batteries have a vastly improved ability to weight proportion than previously. This permits RC planes and helicopters to remain in the air for an extensive timeframe – even as long as their nitro partners, or significantly longer. Among the kinds of batteries, Li-Po or Lithium Polymer rates as the most incredible your available anywhere. While they cost substantially less than they used to, it is consistently shrewd to ensure that your Li-Po battery will keep going however long it could. This article will give a few pointers concerning 3.7 volt battery how to store your Li-Po battery for significant stretches without forfeiting its general lifetime.

On the off chance that the Li-Po battery is pristine and you choose to save it for some time prior to putting it to initially utilize, as opposed to sound judgment, putting away the battery in its uncharged state is best not. The best practice is to completely charge it and keep up with it at 4.2 V per cell prior to putting away the battery away for quite a while. For instance, in the event that you purchased a 3-Cell Li-Po battery evaluated at 11.1 V, when completely energized, the battery will hold 12.6 V. This will make it reasonable to keep put away for 3 to a half year. In any case, following a half year, the voltage will begin to debilitate. At the point when this occurs, completely charge it once more, by which allowing an additional a half year of capacity time. While this methodology can be performed again and again, the battery ought not be kept without being utilized for over 2 years.

Assuming the Li-Po battery is genuinely new and has been utilized something like multiple times, has never arrived at temperature of in excess of 45 degrees, and never shortcircuited, the singular cells inside the battery should be adjusted before stockpiling. This effectively should be possible through new variants of charger which has a “balance cell” capability. Another strategy is to quantify the voltage of every cell and set every cell to have an equivalent voltage to the least-voltage cell. The cells can be released utilizing a basic circuit light connecting with individual cells, by which gradually emptying out every one. When the cells are adjusted, completely charge the battery, which will give every cell around 4.2 V. By doing this, the battery will be prepared for a 2 to multi drawn out capacity, whereupon time the methodology should be rehashed. If it’s not too much trouble, note that eventually, batteries of this condition put away utilizing this methodology ought not be saved for over 1 year.